Almost there

We are in the Frankfurt airport waiting for the flight to St. Petersburg. It's only a bit over 90 minutes which will seem like nothing after the 10-1/2 hour flight to get here. 


Of course the trip did not start out auspiciously. We could not get boarding passes on line and neither airline's website said why. We suspected it is because we have to have our travel documents inspected. 


We got to the airport early and it was a good thing. You must check in at a kiosk and then wait for an airline representative. There was one rep for six terminals and she spent almost a half hour with one person right next to us. She never acknowledged us -- and then she left. 


After another 10 minutes I went in search of a supervisor. I found one woman who seemed surprised no one was there. By now there was a backup at the kiosks. She had to try three terminals before ours went through but first she had to clear out all the people waiting. 


How do they get away with this subpar service, and at these prices??


The flight was unremarkable. No seat back viewers, just the old screens hanging from the ceiling. I guess I could have used my iPad but it was $19.99. Nah. I read a book and slept. Tim played on his iPad and slept. One very interesting thing was that it got dark pretty quickly since we were flying east, but it got light again in less than two hours and stayed light. This will be the first time we've visited somewhere the sun doesn't set. I'll check in tomorrow, when we board the ship and give our first impressions of Russia. 

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